Photo Gallery

Fire damage in a Lakeville property garage

Fires happen, SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska has the training, equipment and appropriate chemicals to clean up residential and commercial property fire damage. 

Containing the affected area

Containing the water loss zone to expedite the drying process at a Shakopee property.  We do it right.  

Lay Flat - Ceiling Drying

We have the appropriate equipment and training to dry ceiling.

Injectidry System - Floor Drying Equipment

Team SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska placed our Injectidry floor drying equipment to save flooring from buckling at a Savage water loss.  

Team Photo

The SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska Response Team

Thermal Technology

Using the latest technology in Thermal imaging, we have the ability to inspect damage that is being done to our clients homes.


Our vehicles are ready to respond to your emergency needs.  Whether you're facing water damage, fire or smoke damage, or mold concerns, we are here to serve you. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage

This is our equipment set-up in the commercial building that experienced water damage due to a toilet water line leak. Our equipment is strategically placed in order to ensure fast, efficient drying.


This is one part of our drying process for water damage. Our dehumidifiers are very helpful in removing moisture and aiding in the drying process.

Hotel Water Damage in Shakopee, MN

Our crew was called to take care of a water damage job at a hotel in Shakopee, MN.  A sink had been accidentally left on and caused an overflow saturating the carpets in the unit and the hallway. We extracted the standing water and used our air movers to thoroughly dry the carpet.

Drying Containment in Eden Prairie, MN

This is an example of a drying containment strategy that we commonly use in water damage jobs. This helps dry a space quickly and thoroughly.

Drying Containment in Eden Prairie, MN

This is an example of a drying containment strategy that we commonly use in water damage jobs. This helps dry a space quickly and thoroughly.

Water Loss in Prior Lake, MN

Our crew was busy at work with a water loss in Prior Lake.  The homeowner came home to a kitchen leak and water all over their home.  The ceiling tile in the basement was drooping in some places and the carpet was completely saturated.  This thermal image shows the saturated areas in the ceiling and walls.

Neighboring Restaurants Suffer Water Damage in Savage, MN

Over the holidays, SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska was busy drying out two restaurants that were victims of pipe bursts. In one of the restaurants, our Crew found more than just wet walls. When we peeled back some of the panels on the walls, we found mold that is most likely preexisting to this water damage.

Flooded Basement in Chanhassen, MN

Our crew recently responded to a water damage job in the Chanhassen area.  The homeowner found their basement mildly flooded due to a failed sump pump.  This was the second time this had happened to them within a five year period, so their carpeting was still fairly new.  Thankfully, we were called in soon enough where we were able to salvage the carpet. We used a "floating" method to lift the carpet with our commercial strength air movers to ensure thorough, efficient drying.  Our Thermal Imaging Camera was used to capture the severity of the damage.  In this photo, you can see where the carpet is saturated and the wall absorbed water almost 12" high.

Mold growth in Utility Room

Mold that had begun to spread on the walls around the water heater of a home after a water loss.

Mold Growth on Furniture 2

Furniture that had gotten wet in a water loss situation at a home.  The mold began to spread onto the furniture. 

Mold Growth on Furniture

After water loss in a home mold can begin to spread not only through the walls, and ceiling spaces of a home, but also furniture.  

Mold growth on ceiling in utility room

Mold Growth due to water loss in Utility Room. We were brought in to contain, and eliminate the mold growth putting our clients mind at ease.

Mold Growth on Garage Ceiling in Shakopee, MN

Our Crew Chief, Matt, was hard at work tearing out the ceiling in a garage. Mold is a tricky issue, but we're trained to tackle it! If you suspect mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska today to schedule an inspection at (952) 403-1050.


Mold Growth on Windows

A homeowner in Jordan, MN called us to help clean up mold that was growing on the inside of their window. We were able to quickly and safely remove the mold with our antimicrobial agent. If you find mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska today!

Dryer Fire in Shakopee, MN

A homeowner in Shakopee was washing and drying a rug with rubber backing only to find their dryer in this state. Thankfully there wasn't any severe damage to the home and everyone is unharmed.  When using your dryer, be sure to closely follow the washing/drying instructions that are found on tags attached.  If you experience fire damage of any size, contact SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska at (952) 403-1050.

Dentist Office Suffers Water Damage

SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska was recently called to this emergency due to a pipe burst. The whole building was effected and required our crew to work fast to prevent further damage. We set up our state-of-the-art equipment in order to extract the water and dry the affected areas. Pipe bursts can happen to buildings of any age, if you experience water damage, SERVPRO of Scott County/Chaska is ready to help 24/7! Call us at (952) 403-1050.